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[11 Oct 2005|10:25am]
omggg im never on here.... buh this the onlie site i can go on because the schools computer blocked evrythin like myspace and xanga =(
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friday is the best! [12 Nov 2004|10:19pm]
[ mood | cold ]

omfg today was justt unforgettable...

school was ok.. uhmmm had a vocab test and ur bib cards back from english got a 98 biatch hahah uhmm quizin math quite easy,, accounting was hard cuhz i got lost and he wont show us how to do it agehn.. uhmm med had a guest speaker who is a surgical nurse..dehn home.. walked to the parking lot and my frend took me home instead of chau.. aahahh i have lots of rides now kekekekkke ....

uhmm my friend took me home and he ask if i wanted to go to the bowling alley tonite so we did.. got readie and they came n picked me up at 630 ish juss before mah mom came home phewww jst in time.. and we jsut rode around...was holdin the arm cuhz i was hekkkkka cold.. a thin long sleeve and jean jacket dont help for shit.. hahaha reached the alley saw ashley mike and mat.made new friends..monica ,ashley bro, and brittany..dehn he got us a drink buh didn let mehave the rest buh sip sps ip lots of sip hhha....

dehn we all decided to go to the mall.. we lost ashley inthem cuhz they rode wit mat and i rode wit mahfriend so it was mii n mahfriend at the mall walkin holding hands bla bla bla dehn saw people n chatted n chil walked around for more..dehn we left the mall and went back to the ally buh decided not to go in...so we went to the lakefront...we had fun.. very relaxing and calm...juss chatted and ya kno ya that all yu needa kno hahaha byeee love ya

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[12 Nov 2004|01:56am]
[ mood | moody ]


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[07 Nov 2004|01:43am]
[ mood | flirty ]

aww man ii had an AWESOME time at the dance.. like at the beginning it was boring buh like in the middle and till the end i had a BLAST cuhz i saw eerronne and started gettin our freak on.. and i had some great bonding convo wit people who i dont reallie talk at skool much.. man it was just great,..and i slowed dance wit guys ^o^...

also took pics there i think imma come out bad yea hahahah cuhz the photographer juss snapped it 1 2 3 snap all fast n shii....sso tired.. i saw darren ^o^ hahah loooked good in a suit.. took pics wit mah camera..freaked danced wit edwin ahah funni shit...slowed dance wit ronell and kc and i couldnt find darren haha.. I CANT WAIT TILL WINTERFORMaL!!!!

and i think i got a DATE for winterformal he sed he'll take me mwuahah

heres a pic ofmah dress n mee in mah dres..
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its 150 ijux got home a while ago now im tired good nite

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X posted in Xanga [03 Nov 2004|06:18pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

so peepz lyk mah new laiiout? kekekek i don`t like th blurrness ob da wurdz buh dunno how ta` fiix iit....-.- ....

sko0l was 0ki t0daii...todaii wuz WESTERN DAY and ii borrowed mii friiends hat mwuahaha ii was the cowgirl!ehehe tomorroe's Hawaiian Day ^_^ friiend ish givin me leis tomorroe kekeke..cuhz miinez br0ke ='(..wasn`t ne thiing imp todaii..juss hugged kiss flirt work skool homework and more work hahahhaha...today wasn`t b0riin juss tiriing and bleh yet stiill had fun hahaha...juss happiie to see mah friendz agehn ahah...buh yea nothin` new at skooo....

so on ta otha thangz ...todaii iim goiin to go n buy mah dress at Body Shop for BHS homecomin..kekek can`t wait.. thiis may sound stupid buh thiis mah first time going to mah highschool dance ...i went to other highschools dances buh never bhs's -.- hahah what a sad person i am hahahaha....im not gun do ne think drastic to mah hair..juss sum curlz here n there n light make up hopefully -.- ahhahahaha ..pretty dress too hehe cant wait! hope they not sold out -.-..

ii am soooo b0red at home riie now..nothiin` ta dooooooooo....ya kno what? ii wanna go to vietnam.. ii dunno why buh ii just wanna.. ii heard mah dad iis goiin ova dere next year..buh ii can`t go cuhz he goiin on bussiines...makes me wonder what too..bleh aahah still love him/....mmk imma go now buh biiyee payce much love


EDIT: welps plans cancelled....not goin to homecoming ne more... gun prob go to winterformal now.. blah i dunno haah...btw bush won i think...thats stupid...kerry shouldve win..

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